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Web platform

The team has developed and continues to update the proprietary web platform, with the aim of building solutions that can best develop the specificities of each individual digital project.
The choice to program a proprietary web platform derives from the experience with customers, noting that their business needs were often limited by traditional CMS like Wordpress, Drupal etc.

The web platform is a tailor-made digital dress able to connect easily with any ERP, CRM or equivalent management system (able to provide an export data) and is designed according to the specific needs and objectives of the Customer so as to bring out the characters of uniqueness of a specific brand or product.
Usability and technical structure is the result of market analysis and is based on national and international knowledge and analysis carried out with our partners, such as the Netcomm consortium, to ensure maximum performance.
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Fabrizio Ugolotti - Chief Software Architect
As a Siglacom development team we decided to use our twenty-year experience to create a proprietary CMS platform.
A CMS, which stands for Content Management System or a content management system, is a platform that offers a frontend part represented by the site and a backend part represented by the administration area that will allow & agrave; modifying the contents of the frontend, without needing to know web programming languages.
The decision to develop a proprietary platform is It has been made in contrast to the fashion of open-source platforms such as Wordpress or those dedicated to Magento e-commerce, and it is; It was made with a specific objective: to completely manage a product in order to satisfy every customer's need.
Each company is different from the others and has needs; that only a totally governable platform can; to solve. I like to imagine a web project like a dress: if it is made to measure and with the experience of a good artisan tailoring, will dress flawlessly on every occasion.
Software architects and developers are a part of the team completely dedicated to the customer and are able to model the web platform to specific project requests.
We share the usability criteria of the backend with other open-source platforms in order to facilitate the learning of operational capabilities for those coming from them, thus favoring the start-up path to the new platform.
We are able to deal with the exchange of data between the main management software on the market and our platform so as to be able to manage projects that require synchronization in real time, such as between orders placed via the web and orders made in physical locations, or as in the management of stock availability or data of the products or users.
A further added value of this solution lies in the ability to meet the future needs that naturally arise during the development of the entrepreneurial project, more; flexibility means having less constraints when the project grows, both when the growth is programmed and when sudden changes of course are needed to correct the shot.
We take care of our platform and operate a constant optimization of the code with a view to mobile-first and search engines, so as to guarantee our customers the best opportunities for visibility and conversion of the business. Every intuition or novelty that arises from our researchers or from the web world can be implemented and explored.
We provide a powerful, robust and flexible weapon to marketing needs.

The main features of the web platform

The digital context is experiencing a moment of profound change where mobile users are increasingly taking an essential part of the digital market both in terms of traffic, but above all in conversions in the e-commerce sector.
With this change, the major search engines have had to update their algorithms in order to best meet the new requests of users, requiring ever higher standards for web platforms.
Our web platform has been designed and developed specifically to meet the highest standards required by search engines in order to offer its customers a platform capable on the one hand of meeting all the criteria of excellence needed to better index their website on search engines and on the other offer the possibility of interfacing with any modern management system ensuring automation and full connection between the digital world and the corporate world.

In developing the platform particular attention was paid to:
  • Usability
  • Mobile & Tablet Top Performance
  • Desktop Top Performance
  • SEO and SEM Custom Automation
  • Programmatic full compliant
  • Social Wall connection
  • Country site 2.0
  • Possibility to use advanced extensions

Browsing a site is not enough!

Today a navigable website is not enough, in order to reach the level performances the website must be able to respond correctly, quickly and easily to our needs, for this reason we have invested in the development of the usability interfaces of the web platform. Meticulous usability studies have been conducted and new technical solutions have been developed on them able to involve and facilitate the customer in navigation, ensuring smart usability to all users who access it from every desktop, tablet or mobile device on the market.
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