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Team model

The competitive context requires special coordination figures

The evolution of digital tools and their progressive and constant expansion requires an exponential growth of the skills required to face the market in a competitive way.
The increase in the demand for specific skills necessitates the hyper specialization of resources and therefore real dedicated units are created, capable of responding promptly to the needs of the market.
This level of specialization makes communication between heterogeneous resources that need to work to obtain maximum performance from a project more and more difficult, for this reason Omeganet has chosen to build and develop its own integrated structure, able to effectively and efficiently coordinate different skills for the success of a digital project.

Better meet the needs of companies and market

The needs and experiences in the digital field since 1995 have led to an optimization of organizational processes and internal procedures in order to better manage the needs of customers and to respond dynamically to the continuous needs for change and specialization that the digital market requires.

Built to be a structured company

Our internal structure is built and organized to respond promptly to the requests of customers and partners.
To this end, Omeganet is organized into specialized teams, able to respond promptly to the needs of customers and to adapt their skills to a constantly evolving market, to satisfy which a high predisposition to change is necessary.

Team management

The organization is based on highly specialized department teams, able to fully master each specific area of interest.
Each project is first analyzed and then entrusted to a heterogeneous team able to best develop the business potential.
Each Client is given a Project Manager and an Account Manager.
The Project Manager takes care of the coordination of all the professionals involved in the project, to ensure the Customer a single technical / strategic interlocutor able to respond effectively to the requests of the project.
The Account Manager supports the Client in all the bureaucratic and administrative activities deriving from the project.
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