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optimize a website for google

Optimize SEO and SEM for Google

Google is certainly the most used western search engine and being well positioned in terms of organic indexing is extremely positive in all web strategies.
Before starting to optimize the SEO of your website, you need to understand how the google search engine works.

The first operation of the search engine is the crawling also known as Crawling, Google scans the Web to discover new content with sophisticated programs called crawlers.
Once you find new pages, Google spiders follow the links found to discover new content in a continuous chain process.

The second phase is indexing or indexing, in this phase Google stores a copy of the scanned contents in an index, this index is stored on the server so that it can be found in real time.

The third phase is the definition of the positioning or Ranking, the search engine assigns a score to the pages depending on the SEO optimization or the quality of the content, when the user performs a search, the search engine algorithms, evaluate on the based on the positioning factors, which content best responds to your information request.

Select and develop keywords or keywords

To optimize the pages of a website in SEO for Google, it is necessary to understand the target of the digital project in order to correctly select and develop the organic keywords that we would like to place in the search engine.
It is therefore necessary to correctly select and analyze the keywords you want to reach in order to ensure consistency between the searches and the users.
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