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improve the speed of a website

How to improve the performance of a website

There are many reasons why the speed of loading a site and its individual pages may not be optimal to achieve maximum performance, however these best practices generally allow good results to be obtained especially in mobile device research.

First of all it is right to share that not all web platforms and not all CMS can guarantee maximum performance as often solutions for a wide audience allow to easily reach medium performances at the expense of the maximum, for this reason for example we have decided to develop a proprietary platform capable of achieving maximum performance on the SEO, SEM and in terms of speed and web optimization.
Having made this necessary premise, the main optimization requests often refer to the following areas:
  • optimize image size and weight,
  • optimize CSS, JavaScript and HTML files,
  • use CSS Sprites to decrease the number of HTTP or HTTPS requests required on the page.

If you have noticed that your site is not optimized and you want to achieve maximum performance, contact us for advice.
If you do not have a comparison meter with which to compare your website, try to compare the GooglePageSpeedInsight result of your site with this page.
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