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improve SEO with UX Design

Best Practice to improve UX Design and SEO

It is possible to improve the SEO positioning thanks to the correct use of UX Design. UX Design's most positive trend towards SEO is the improvement of users' browsing time and a low degree of bounce rate.

Use UX Design to simplify the architecture of your website
The tree of a website, so its structural organization of the pages is extremely important. From the point of view of SEO optimization, a good architecture and web platform structure allows search engines, Google in the first place, to correctly find and index all the pages, from the most relevant to the internal links. The architecture of the pages in a website also has a strong impact on the user experience, in fact the most relevant pages should always be positioned at the upper levels of the navigation tree (site menu) to allow the user to easily find what is looking for.

You need to pay close attention to the call to action
The calls to action are interactive strategic elements that guide the user to perform the desired action. If you have studied and designed them clearly and appealing, you are on the right track, but make sure that the landing pages are also optimized.

Provide different navigation paths tailored to the target audience
The navigation paths within the site must be able to meet the real needs of users. An excellent strategy is to create different experiences based on the target: the more your website will be customized, the more your visitors will be involved.

Of course these are just some of the actions you can take to improve the UX Design of a website that affects SEO.
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