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We want to do business in a sustainable way

Sustainability is a topical issue, a value, a vision. We try to defend these boundaries by working with respect for people, the community and the territory.
We consider sustainability an absolute value, to be shared and not to be confused, combining projects capable of channeling the energies of our partners and stakeholders.

We tell the stories of those who have taken this path, because we think that the challenge is to move from attention to the environment, to sustainable development and to the social, and we think that those who have undertaken this path can set an example to others who can try to do better.

Sustainability is a strategic approach and an ethical principle, which takes into account the aspects concerning the environment, society and the economy, people. Sustainability is change. The resources, the investment plan and the orientation of technological development are in harmony and create a virtuous economic and social ecosystem.

It is an integral and decisive strategic asset, hopefully in the strategies of many companies. An enterprise's awareness of the environmental and social impact of its business implies extending this attention to all partners in the supply chain.
The "green practices" and environmental sustainability, from which we often started, are and will always be more linked to the performance and success of a company. This is an increasingly important entrepreneurial and organizational challenge, which must be guided, valued and communicated.

Sustainability helps to build a credible, strong, consistent brand, accepted by the market because Vero. Position itself as a proactive subject towards its stakeholders, increasing competitiveness, promoting its product, process and company image, in line with the new international guidelines, not least the United Nations 2030 Plan with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
We want to do business in a sustainable way and for this reason we consider it essential that our suppliers and our supply chain believe in sustainability.
This includes the choice of using cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, which undertakes to manage the business in the most environmentally friendly way possible or as Google that uses only energy from renewable sources and reconfirms its commitment to reduce emissions to zero. CO2 related to data centers and Google Clouds.

Through a path of environmental and corporate awareness we want to make everyday life and work more sustainable, undertaking an internal program that we have been carrying out since 2011 in synergy within the group.

Gruppo Siglacom and Omeganet were among the first to embark on a path of sustainability starting from the introduction of differentiated collection, through the use of a smart working platform that allows the delocalization of work, reducing the environmental impact of transport means.
Today Siglacom Group has collected all the environmental initiatives in a program called Siglacom Environmental Program (SEP).

Since 2016, Siglacom Group has launched the SSC (Siglacom Social Commitment) program to actively sponsor the development of social initiatives aimed at actively raising awareness about eco-sustainable development.
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