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Make yourself visible with SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way to improve the promotion of your site, in order to increase the number of visitors. The optimization of the SEO is a process that is constantly updated, which covers various aspects ranging from the structure of the page code, to the words chosen for the site content.

Our web platform is entirely developed to achieve maximum SEO performance. Developed following Google's Best Practices, it allows you to develop your digital identity using the principles of permission marketing: users and potential customers are reached by the Brand's message and value proposition, when they express an effective need and need .
This is the best time for buying propensity and is therefore strategic for optimizing the probability of return on investment.
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Sebstiano Tartari - Chief project Manager SiglacomGroup
The so-called "voice-geddon" is approaching great strides and what looked like a futuristic scenario, in reality today is the present.
How to govern and how to deal with this phenomenon in full expansion?

First of all we need to understand what is meant by this phenomenon: we mean the fact that we will always be enticed, until we are forced to interact with technology and with the web through the voice.
As early as 2017, 20% of searches on Google were managed via voice search and 50% are expected in 2020. This data does not surprise you if you think how easy it is to use your voice and will lead to a web no longer mobile-first, but voice-first.
The first result will be that the voice assistants such as Siri, Google Now or Cortana will know more and more people, both their linguistic characteristics, personal characteristics and, often, also social characteristics.
In this sense, the result will be that we will have extremely precise data on people.

The second result will be the modification of searches on search engines.
You will see a lengthening of the key words, you will see a change in the characteristics of these keywords that will be more and more "question words" as what, how, where and when and you will also have a jargonization of research to the detriment of those who are more technical topics and keywords.

How to adapt to this scenario so as not to disappear from the web?
First of all with the very important use of video and videotranscript, then with the involvement of all the company figures, each one with its own background, its own vocabulary and its own communicative tone.

Then you will certainly need a very attentive listening of its users and potential customers, with a precise management of customer care and social networks.
All this will lead to a real corporate digital transformation, which must be coordinated by professional figures attentive to every aspect.
In this sense, the Siglacom strategic team is ready to support entrepreneurs in this process.