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SEM development

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), often called Search Marketing, is a branch of web marketing that applies to search engines.
The purpose of the SEM is to bring as many target users as possible to your website.
To develop the SEM at its best, it is necessary to have tools that can analyze the traffic on its platform and identify the main keywords of interest: for this reason, Omeganet's Web Platform is perfectly integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, to in order to guarantee a careful analysis of visitors.,
The platform is perfectly integrable and customizable for the best performing CRMs, such as Hubspot or Salesforce for example, ensuring the possibility of maximizing user engagement and traceability.

Among the applications for the development of SEM strategies there is the Omeganet Search Engine, which is a real search engine equipped with AI capable of analyzing the analysis of the main research carried out by users on the website, restoring very important data for the development of SEM strategies.

Thanks to the SEO performance of the platform, all the SEM strategies are enhanced and facilitated: the results of the sponsorships in fact enjoy the positioning within the search engines generated organically thanks to the platform and the contents included in it.
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Sebastiano Tartati- Chief Project Manager
The study and analysis of user feedback and navigation allows us to fully understand what their needs are, what their habits are and what things they are looking for within a site. This analysis has allowed us to develop and optimize the Siglacom Cloud Search.
Thanks to the results of these analyzes of these feedbacks we went to work on two aspects mainly. One is the aspect of speed of response by the internal search engine to user searches, the other is a more subtle, more particular aspect, namely the aspect of semantic analysis and the consequent semantically correct answer to the researches from part of the users.
The development of cloud technologies has allowed us to optimize the response speed of Siglacom Cloud Search to customer requests. A speed understood in seconds, in milliseconds that elapse between the moment of search by the user and the moment of response by the site. This allows the user to get more empathetic, to feel followed by the site, almost as if he were talking to a real natural person and this is necessary and it is important to improve the browsing experience.
The other part is that of semantic analysis. by semantic analysis we intend to understand in depth what are the requests and what are the concepts that the user expresses on the search engine.
The semantic response is what guided the development of Siglacom Cloud Search. With a semantic answer we mean the complete and complete analysis and it is very important, because it allows us to optimize even better the results on the real search engine, on Google to be clear. Thanks to this analysis we also understand how users move around the sites, what their expectations are and for this reason we are able to structure a more complete, more complete answer and once again empathize with the customer and make them feel at home and make him feel followed.
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