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To facilitate the management of multiple activities, Omeganet has a Customer Care department dedicated to receiving requests (calls, emails, chats, etc.).
The Customer Service opens a ticket for each request in the internal ERP system and assigns it to the Project Manager assigned to the project. The ticket is processed according to the priority level assigned based on the contractual requests and is processed by the Project Manager who responds to the Customer with the quotation within the time limit set.   
Once the quotation is confirmed, he assigns - in collaboration with the chief of design - the activity to the personnel with the right competences for the development of the requests to be implemented according to priority and timing.
In the case of simultaneous activities, they are activated multiple under teams so that one or more tasks can be processed contemporarily. Once the graphic design has been completed, the Chief of Design will check it before passing it to the Project Manager, who will recheck that the result is in compliance with the requirements of the customer, revise it with the quality control manager before sending the proposal to 
the customer.
Once the customer's feedback is received, the activity is closed in the event of approval, the ticket is reopened in the event of requests for changes (five cycles of corrections or more if otherwise agreed in the quotation). The whole process is monitored by the Project Manager who ensures correct management in all phases. Customer will check the final deliverables with high quality hard copy or high resolution PDF visuals for approval.
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