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Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is a term that identifies real objects connected to the internet. These objects are able to actively interact with users, allowing them to perform simple and complex operations, but capable of heavily influencing the user's purchasing decisions.

How to exploit the potential of the Internet of Things

In order to fully exploit the potential of the IoT, it is necessary to have the necessary technologies to connect one's digital soul to products, so as to make them able to act actively on users' consumption.
Having a proprietary platform that can connect to any instrument allows us to easily connect to the world of the Internet of Things by offering the possibility of developing strategies in an omnichannel perspective.
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Mirco Vanoni - Project Manager
The evolution of the social context combined with the evolution of digital tools has meant that the classic communication and marketing strategies were no longer effective, this required the development of new strategies that perfectly integrate the digital world to the physical world, opening up to the concept of omnichannel.
In the beginning the communication and marketing strategies were managed separately between the physical world and the digital world, with the change occurred thanks to technology and social platforms, so the social networks jointly at the level of technological development in mobile devices have sanctioned a profound change in the social context making the world much smaller and more connected by creating new needs for users, who want to integrate technology to the physical world to the point of wearing the same technology and using it to amplify their feelings.
This has established a clear line of demarcation between the classic and strategies
the current ones, once concepts like showrooming and webrooming were considered negative, on the one hand for the physical world and on the other for the digital world, today instead the new strategic current, the omnichannel allows us to build a single strategy able to ride and follow both channels producing maximum results and maximum effectiveness in all digital strategies.

To correctly develop the omnichannel strategies it is necessary to combine the assets present in the physical world and those present in the digital world, conveying them the new all-encompassing assets able to generate the best possible results for the business strategies of the present of the future.