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Content Development Automation

Development of automated content

Content development has always been a crucial strategic point in the population of a database as well as of a website, this point often requires huge resources for the preparation and development of the same contents.
From the experiences made with our customers we have developed a system that exploits the automatisms and potential of modern digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, so as to automatically seed product data sheets or strategic contents within a web platform.

Relevant Content

Our semantic content development technology is not limited to creating digital content.
Thanks to the use of technologies based on artificial intelligence, we are able to make the developed contents highly relevant, able to respect the linguistic semantics and therefore to build contents specifically optimized for the SEO and SEM of the website or the digital application.

Content exportable and usable in omnichannel optics

The contents generated by content development automation do not stop at the digital dimension alone, since they can be exported and perfectly integrated with advanced omnichannel applications such as the Digital Catalog, which makes it possible to transform web pages into real digital catalogs, even printable ones, of only areas of interest. A fundamental tool for commercial networks, events and business opportunities.