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Cloud System

Cloud as a tool for company growth.
Strategies, training, design and implementation of cloud solutions for companies.
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Nicola Pietralunga - Chief Operating Officer
Today we hear so much about cloud, we hear the word cloud on everyone's lips and this makes us all experts. Making a cloud seriously and making it that effective and extraordinary business growth tool that the cloud can actually be, requires a sensible approach, measured on the characteristics of the company, its needs and also on its growth prospects and strategies.
For this reason it also requires an organization, of people prepared and certified on cloud solutions, who are able to design the correct solution, and then to execute it, and not only imagine what can be the right solution for a single company, but also the ability to put it into practice with the necessary times and methods.
The cloud is essentially divided into two major strands. The first world is that relating to the IT department more properly said. To better support the IT department and to move a series of services within the company to the cloud, we use so-called platform as a service or infrastructure as a service solutions using techniques including virtual private networking between the company and the cloud solution. in order to guarantee the security of data transmission.
Another world concerns the so-called software as a service, where cloud solutions help any other department of the company not only that of information technology to perform better and more; efficient, more collaborative work.
Another extremely important element to evaluate to adopt cloud solutions today is the privacy aspect. One aspect that is highly felt in Europe in particular since May 2018 is by far the most advanced on privacy worldwide, also recognized by the Anglo-Saxon areas, from the United States, look to our GDPR as a source of inspiration for the protection of personal privacy.
So sometimes the cloud as a concept, as a relatively secular person's idea, can scare you from this point of view. On the other hand, the solutions have the possibility of obtaining the highest certification in terms of respect for privacy and the protection of personal data. Even here it is obvious that these solutions must be correctly implemented by an organization, a structure, a competent staff that knows exactly what it is doing.