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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services cloud computing

Amazon Web Services provides cloud computing services and on-demand solutions with high availability, redundancy and security features.
We have chosen AWS services as they allow the calculation and archiving power to be modulated according to requirements, optimizing performance and costs.
We have chosen the leading platform to be able to satisfy our customers who often require services that are superior to those offered by shared hosting plans for their digital projects.
Our cloud platform offers powerful dedicated resources and is optimized for maximum efficiency and speed, guaranteeing the best performance for your needs.

Configuration and total management of cloud services

Our developers fully configure and manage cloud services, we know that a growing company needs attention and support on different levels. By fully developing and managing the IT structure, we allow you to focus on your core business by ensuring you have a high-performance digital tool that can become a strategic asset that can develop your business in a scalable way.
Our cloud platform grows with you following your needs, ensuring a balance between cost and performance.

The advantages of cloud solutions

When companies move to the cloud, they set up less than a quarter of the servers compared to on-premise solutions. Furthermore, energy efficiency of an on-premise data center is 29% lower than large-scale cloud providers that use high-level facilities, cooling systems and equipment based on the workload of high level. If we combine all these elements (a smaller number of servers used together with more efficient servers in terms of power), customers need to use only 16% of the energy compared to the on-premise infrastructure. This constitutes an 84% reduction in the amount of energy required. This great improvement in energy efficiency results in a huge reduction in climate impact, since a smaller amount of energy consumed equates to lower carbon emissions.

We keep your Cloud safe

We keep your Cloud safe by protecting it from the main hacker attacks, spam and resource consumption by malicious bots.